About Linguisitive

Linguisitive provides linguistics and language consultancy,particularly in software development environments, and particularly for Dutch and English. The owner and sole employee is me, Nike van Heeswijk.

Please have a look at my personal profile to find out more about my skills and experience.

My goal is to apply and extend my expertise by working on exciting linguistic (software) projects as a self-employed contractor. 

Examples of tasks:

  • developing and testing NLP/NLU/NLG implementations
  • (POS) annotation
  • (phonetic) transcription
  • creating and editing dictionaries and grammars
  • analysing and improving data (using regex, SQL)
  • translation (to Dutch or English)
  • creating and reviewing Dutch or English content
  • creating and executing test cases
  • creating and reviewing guidelines and process descriptions
  • coordinating, coaching and mentoring
  • contribute to knowledge database
  • writing (linguistic) specifications
  • writing (user) documentation

Why the name Linguisitive? It combines the words ‘linguistics’ and ‘inquisitive’.